Having a laugh whilst hosting Wikimania 2014

Hannah Ballou

Dr. Hannah Ballou is a comedian, performance artist, researcher, writer, and lecturer.  

Her work is feminist, sometimes autobiographical, and challenges configurations of the comic body by asking who is funny, when, how, why, and why not?  She is known to work with live animals and sleeping children. She once found out she was pregnant live on stage. She is the force behind Marina Abramopug and neo-burlesque alter-ego Lambchop Magoo. Recent shows include Shhh, The Doctor Is In, goo:ga, and hoo:ha.  Collaborations include Womxn SRSLY, GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN, and PanicLab.  She is a lecturer in Drama at Kingston University, London. 

​She trained at the Dell'Arte School in California.