GOO:GA was featured in the prestigious LADA Screens programme by the Live Art Development Agency in 2023.  

GOO:GA has also been screened at Cambridge Junction, Colchester Arts Centre, Camden People's Theatre, and the Rose Theatre Studio. 

Hannah Ballou

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Hannah Ballou was named a finalist for the 2022 Mother Art Prize awarded by Procreate Project, the only international prize for self-identifying women and non-binary visual artists with caring responsibilities.  GOO:GA featured in a multidisciplinary group show at the Zabludowicz Collection March-June, 2023.

Critical Acclaim for GOO:GA​​

'I watch her on screen, heavily pregnant and discussing the terrifying medical diagnosis that her unborn son received using a tableau of the vegetables that always seem to be used to chart a baby’s growth, with my heart in my mouth. Despite the grimness of the subject matter, it is hard not to crack a smile.'

-The Guardian

‘…an extraordinary journey of heartbreak, fun facts, searing insight, unexpected laughs and a whole lot more besides, in a densely packed but deeply felt hour [...] brilliantly challenging and uncompromising.’

- Ian Foster

’Hannah is a true experimental artist who is tapping into existing forms while not adhering to their rules and doing shit that truly nobody else is doing.’

- Theresa Buchheister, Artistic Director,The Brick, Brooklyn

‘GOO:GA is funny, subversive, sensItive, inclusive, informative, and touching. It’s a “raunchy feminist comedy” which is constantly watchable [...] there’s even a guest appearance from a ghost.’
- Louise Penn