Marina Abramopug

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'We bow down to you, Abramopug'

Huffington Post

'YAY for Marina Abramopug! 
Kate Bornstein
'Riveting.[...] This dog is the latest craze in contemporary art.'  Redesign Revolution
'Marina Abramopug is the world's most important dog performance artist.'  Vocative
'Crazy genius'  Honour Bayes

'If you want a good laugh out loud, check out Marina AbramoPUG!  So fun. Love it'
Annie Sprinkle


'Ballou serves up entertainment by the bucket load.' - Jade Moulds

A comedy show that cleverly pits funniness against sexiness in a knock-down, drag-out fight for control of the female body.

Warning!  May include the following:

Nudity, Pedantry, Ironic Pelvic Movement, Live Animals, Games, a Tiny Banjo, and Inadvisable Pathos.

Lambchop Magoo

'My cheeks hurt from smiling!'

                              -Jo King

Lambchop Magoo is a neo-burlesque legend.  She's tickled audiences with her unique brand of ovine lunacy from New York to Berlin, from London to Torquay even.

You'll be singing her tune for the rest of your life:

'Da da da da da da...'

What will an 8-months-along bump do to a showgirl’s bag of art tricks?  It’s sort of like what would happen if Annie Sprinkle stopped being a weird hippie and impregnated Bridget Christie who (when 8 months along) waddled onstage to sing, dance, and moan about postfeminist malarkey and not being able to see her own muff.  And she finds out baby's sex live on stage... then lets the audience name it!

Hannah Ballou

a comedy special by a very pregnant woman