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Call for Artists

To perform Saturday afternoon

                  June 10, 2017

I’m looking for 4 artists who were planning on coming to Georgia’s party anyway (or at least thinking about it and this will seal the deal) for the following:

Part 1.  We faithfully recreate the opening sequence of the revival series of the Teletubbies in our back garden.  This involves reviewing the (simple) blocking beforehand on the video, and studying the modification notes, then arriving for a rehearsal at 12:00 PM on Saturday June 10 before the guests arrive at 1:00. Please specify your preferred role. You’ll be wearing a Teletubby costume I have purchased online.

Part 2.  The 4 participating artists are invited to create a response to their costume/character/the-Teletubbies-in-general to be performed in the costume at the party at some point after Part 1.  This might be (but is not limited to): performance poetry, dance solo, durational performance, one-to-one, music, monologue, installation, drag, burlesque, TED Talk, tutorial, etc.  These needn’t be made for young audiences.  I expect most of those in attendance will be adults.  Don’t worry about keeping the costume clean.

Part 3.  Later, after all performances from Part 2 have finished we will recreate the ending ‘Bye Bye’ sequence where the Teletubbies disappear back into the garden.

Available roles:  

Tinky Winky:  purple
Dipsy: green
Laa-Laa: yellow
Po: red

Here’s what the costumes look like: 

For reference,
here is a video from the revival series so you can see the rough blocking.

The performance spaces available are listed at the bottom of this post. (photos upon request)

Tech available:  Can arrange a boom box for music/sound.  That’s basically it. Blew the budget on four Teletubbies costumes.

Fee:  £10 to cover your transportation and obviously food and drink as it’s a BBQ that hopefully you’re already coming to anyway.

Location:  Our home in Walthamstow

Background to the project:

Sometimes children’s first birthday parties are a reflection of what the parents like, but I doubt babies give a fuck about artisanal cheeses, ironic bunting, or cocktails in mason jars.  (You can see my idea of what constitutes a trendy party is a bit dated.)  I asked myself, what would be the one thing that Georgia might really love?  What might be truly magical for her?  She utterly adores the Teletubbies.  The second she hears the theme song, a huge smile spreads on her face and she sits RAPT for 15 minutes while I (fill in the blank with some bullshit domestic task).  I’m aware that ‘best practice’ parenting does not involve letting your infant watch TV, but that ship has sailed and if she turns out to be an asshole then blame me.  Anyway, this is for Georgia.  But let’s have a little fun for ourselves too.

If you’re interested send me an email (ilovehannahballou@yahoo.com) with your first and second choice character and a brief description of what you might want to do for Part 2.

Performance spaces available: 

The back garden: (quite large, mature trees and shrubs, a garden shed at the front, and a slightly raised wooden deck at the back that is very ‘stage-like’

The lounge:  A room with wood floors, a very large mirror, fireplace, sofa, and set of drawers.

The dining room:  A room with a bookcase, a round white table, 4 coloured chairs, and a battered old Victorian chaise longue.

Bedroom:  King size bed on the floor, wardrobe, below staircase closet space (that could also be used if it were cleaned out)

Nursery:  A room with a cot, set of drawers, and white rocking chair

Size access to garden:  A narrow path between the side of the house and a fence with weeds.

Front ‘garden space’:  Gravelled spaces between the windows and the privacy hedges, where the bins go.

-Posted: May 17, 2017